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About Neil

Neil Tubb is a successful Clinical Counsellor with more than 35 years experience. Previously Neil had a successful career with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Security Services in counter espionage. Today Neil specializes in family and social systems dynamics. He facilitates people with issues of conflict resolution through mediation, recovery from addiction, abuse and trauma, co-dependency, eating disorders and coming to terms with death and dying. Neil is at the forefront of the communication and recovery field, working as a skilled therapist, corporate trainer and dynamic speaker. He offers a unique blend of psychological insight, intuition, personal experience and deep spirituality.

Initiating your Intuition is the Key. Once initiated and practiced, it’s yours. It always was and always will be. First you have to know where to look and then how to use it. Then you have it. Simple. Many talk about this, few know where to look. Described as the consciousness of the cosmos, knowing the way of things in life and ordering of the universe. Einstein, Schubert, Poincare all used it for their discoveries, and creativity. Elias Howe, the inventor of the sewing machine laboured for years to find away to get a machine to do a lockstitch and failed. Then one evening he experienced a nightmare. In the nightmare was the solution to the lockstitch.